Treat yourself to an annual Stylish Hoodie for $7(mo)

All new art, on hoodies, every year, in your size, supporting t

Treat yourself to an annual Stylish Hoodie for $7(mo)
Raskol is under a maple tree with a strange ripe green squash. Maple leaves drift across the page.

Creating new hoodie designs is one of my favorite things.
Finding unique stylish hoodies in rockin shades and hues is another of my favorite things.
Sending hoodies to folks is yet one more thing on how Raskol Ink fills my soul and in order to do more of all of the above in a sustainable fashion Raskol is adjusting hoodie distribution to a subscription format.

The Early Bird September rate is only $7 a month and the first hoodie themed with Jellyfish & Sweetgrass will be shipped to you on December 21st.

By Joining the Yearly Hoodie

You will be invited to contribute ideas and have input on upcoming Raskol Hoodie designs. IE: help me figure out the theme, hoodie colors, new hoodie styles.
You will be privy to in process videos and insight into why the design is developing the way it is.
You will be allowing my small business based on art & hoodies to thrive and support me!
And the best thing, every 21st of December a new hoodie with a new design will be shipped to you!

Hoodies, Art. Lets keep creating.