Seattle & Upcoming Art Shows - New Design & Hoodies.

Spring Hoodie Giveaway, Upcoming Art Shows & the new Raskol Design highlighting the symbiotic relationship of bats & agave.

Seattle & Upcoming Art Shows - New Design & Hoodies.
Whitefish Montana Makers Market. Saturday 4/29 at Wild Coffee Company. 10am-3pm

A heartfelt "Thank You" to hoodie loving Seattle, for enjoying and taking the time out of your day to be at the Spring Best of the Northwest show.
If the creek don't rise and the devil don't interfere Ill be back with ALL the hoodies this coming fall!

Spring Hoodie Art Shows

Enter to win a Free Hoodie at any of the Spring Shows  
[Drawing June 21st]

Whitefish Makers Market
April 29th at Wild Coffee in Whitefish MT.
10am - 3pm
Accompanied with local artists:
Rhinestone Cowboy Collage,
Achy Bones Co,
Greater Valley Goods,
Por Vida Dry Goods,
Wildling Wares,
Strawberry Moon Macrame,
Fana Clay,
Pixie in the Dust

handMADE MT - Spring Show
Brick Breeden Fieldhouse - Bozeman MT.
May 5th - Friday 5pm-8pm
May 6th - Saturday 9am-4pm

Park Hill Arts Festival
Park Hill Masonic Lodge - Denver CO.
June 3rd & 4th - 10am-5pm

Highland Arts Festival
The Highlands Masonic Lodge - Denver CO
June 10th & 11th - 10am - 5pm

handMADE MT - Summer Show
Caras Park - Missoula MT.
June 18th - 10am - 4PM

Agave & Bats Hoodie Design


This design took a considerable amount of time to create, which is fitting as it was inspired by the Agave plant. The Agave plant requires 10-20+ years to mature before it can be harvested, and I find it remarkable how the time it takes for the plant to mature parallels the changes that occur within oneself over time. Where I am today is a culmination of my past experiences, just as the Agave plant's distilled spirits are a result of the lengthy fermentation and distillation process that occurs after 10-20+ years of maturation.
One Agave plant, if large enough, can produce 1.5 liters of Agave distillate, which is a testament to the value of patience and perseverance.

Bat's & Agave,

Bats and agave have a fascinating symbiotic relationship. Agave plants rely on bats for pollination, as they produce large amounts of nectar at night to attract bats. Bats, in turn, rely on agave for food, as the nectar provides them with a rich source of energy. In addition, the agave flower provides a roosting place for bats during the day, providing them with shelter from predators. This mutualistic relationship is crucial for the survival of both species, as the bats ensure the continued reproduction of agave, while the agave provides the bats with a reliable source of food and shelter. Without bats, the agave plant would struggle to reproduce, and without agave, bats would face a significant reduction in their food sources.

This is a near and dear design for me and am stoked "Flowering Agave & Bats" is out in the world.
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