Raskol Dispatch - February Full Moon

Raskol Dispatch. Full and New Moon updates on hidden art Whimsy

Raskol Dispatch - February Full Moon
A Dispatch from Raskol Ink for the February Full Moon
creature runs towards dots of many sizes

I have felt a bit lost and unsure as to what direction to take. Similar to this image, which odd dot do I follow? relate to? share about? Is there too many dots? Should I draw another? What is the purpose of all this anyhoo...
In moments such as these I often look to one of my favorite "how to stay creative" guru's Austin Kleon. Without fail he had some solid advice on Productive Procrastination and a quote by Saul Griffith:

"I gave up on trying to do exactly what I was meant to be doing in favor of always doing something. Frankly, I'm not sure we're designed to focus on only one thing for eight or ten hours in a row. I've always found that it's useful to have something else to be doing when you're too burned out to face the next thing on your list. That way, flipping back and forth between the two projects prevents focus fatigue."

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