The Raskol Ink. Hoodie Club & Hidden Art Collective

The Raskol Ink. Hoodie Club & Hidden Art Collective

Firstly, WELCOME!
This platform is a way for me to invite you into my garage/studio and let you in on the process, send you one of a kind creations and include you in infusing the world with more creative mystery aka whimsy.
Here I share with you all the whimsy Raskol Ink is creating. Raskol Ink is mostly known for their hoodies in which hand drawn designs are traced on to clear film.
The clear film is then developed onto a silk-screen which retains the hand drawn effect on each printed hoodie. Each design is inspired by many things and through this platform I am excited to share those inspirations with you.
Proceeds from your support lets me create this Raskol Ink. Art

I am so glad you are here and exponentially grateful for your support.

Passwordless Authentication

After subscribing, when you first login with your email you will receive a secure link in your email. Once you follow that link if you bookmark the page you will not need to repeat the steps of logging in for an extended period of time. This is called Passwordless Authentication, yup I was skeptical too but after reading a few web searches, I trust it and if you currently use your fingerprint or face recognition for your phone then it already is in your life. Also I'm almost 41 so this may not be "news" to you even though it is to me.
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Bookshop Affiliate

If you want to see what books inspire and obviously and not so obviously influence Raskol Ink. creations.
Follow this link:
Not only do your book purchases support small bookshops, I receive a little for steering you to them! Pretty rad.

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